We are able to refill your household and toiletries in your own containers.

If you have an order with us and would like to refill on collection then please indicate on your email.

If you would like to refill without an order then please still email us to let us know you are heading over between 12pm-3pm and then we can make sure we are fully staffed to help you. Please ensure your containers are completely clean and all previous product removed.

See the full range below:

SESI Hand soap (rose or fig) £6.50/kg
SESI Washing up liquid £2.50/kg
SESI Laundry liquid (bio or non-bio) £4.00/kg
SESI Washing powder (non-bio) £4.40/kg
SESI Fabric conditioner £2.50/kg
SESI Cream cleaner £3.50/kg
SESI Toilet cleaner £3.00/kg
SESI All purpose cleaner £2.50/kg
SESI Rinse aid £3.00/kg
SESI Dishwasher powder £4.20/kg
SESI White wine vinegar £2.00/kg
SESI Bicarbonate of soda £1.60/kg
SESI Window cleaner £2.50/kg

Cole & Co Shampoo £6.00/500g
Cole & Co Conditioner £6.00/500g
Cole & Co Body Wash £6.00/500g